Our Trainers


Tuyet Nguyen

Tuyet is a mature sales, marketing and business professional with more than 19 years of experience. She has a great network and knows the market well. She loves sales, marketing and business job that allows her to live her passion and be herself.

Her goal is to exceed customers, partners, and company expectation.

Tuyet’s experience with 4 different international companies in the field of health care, construction industry and consumer goods serving a list of more than 300 companies (mainly MNC and top blue chip local companies). Her experience: 9 years in health care, 9 years in the construction industry, and 2.5 years in consumer goods. She welcomes challenges and new things. Every day is a learning curve! She can turn things around and creates new possibilities and opportunities.

Benefits a lot from her studies in coaching, NLP, Tuyet has the passion in helping others to excel their life through coaching and Training.

Tuyet Nguyen –  Certified NLP Trainer/ Coach

Trần Đức Tài Certified NLP Trainer & Master Coach

Tran Duc Tai

Certified NLP Trainer & Master Coach

Tai is a Construction Engineer; His main job is to do the decoration for apartments, houses throughout Saigon for over 20 years.  As a person who is always looking for interesting things to learn, apply and grow his business, he is an active member in many business forums and networking organizations and has found his passion in NLP.  One step further with this ultimate passion and Love in NLP, he has became one of the first Certified NLP Trainers in Vietnam. And now he is so excited to be able to realize one of his dreams that is to share the powerful knowledge to the community.

Certified by ABNLP: NLP Trainer – Master Coach- NLP Timeline Therapy Practitioner

Nguyen Minh Khiem

Msc, NLP Trainer, NLP Master Coach

Khiem is a Typical Representative for the Young Generation of Talented Vietnamese. With a Passion in Education and Training, he won the scholarship to study and worked in Taiwan while he has been working as a Lecturer in The University more than three years. He is also an active member in charity work and currently Vice-Lead at Build The School Foundation, a charity dedicated to building schools for children in remote and rural areas with the goal of building 100 schools by 2025.

Certified by Leadership Foundation Academy America:  Training Manager/HR

Certified by ABNLP: NLP Trainer – NLP Master Coach – NLP Timeline Therapy Practitioner

Paul Simos Executive Life Coach Health Coach Master NLP, Timeline Therapist

Paul Simos

Health Coach| Executive Life Coach| NLP Master Practitioner

Human beings are by nature great STARTERS; coaches help them become great FINISHERS. Coaching is helping people do what they already want to do. It closes the gap between what we know and what we do. 

Paul is a mature Executive Life Coach, Health Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. He has a fundamental belief about his clients which frames how they work together i.e. they already have everything they need to achieve success. His role as coach is to stimulate and challenge his clients to unlock their successful beliefs, skills and behavior patterns.

Paul continues to study and research in Coaching and NLP, his passion is helping others to excel their life through Coaching, Developing and Training.


Certified Master Coach & NLP Trainer

Over 19 years of experience, Doan Ha has earned a lot of experience in advising and executing business in finance, real estate, commerce and business development. Doan Ha always creates the impression, the trust in the role of management & leadership not only in his own business but also with the international and domestic organizations.

Le Doan Ha is one of the excellent trainers and collaborators of NLP Power and Speaker, Dr. Quach Tuan Khanh in training programs and human development.

Certified by ABNLP: NLP Trainer – Master Coach- NLP Timeline Therapy Practitioner